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5 Secrets to Facebook Marketing Success

Facebook is now the world’s largest social network with more than 1 billion active users. That’s an impressive user base, and it presents a tremendous opportunity for your business to reach new customers and increase its brand visibility. The only problem is that Facebook has evolved to become a highly sophisticated marketing platform – one that can seem complicated and even scary to small businesses that don’t know how to market on Facebook effectively. The good news? There are plenty of Facebook marketing success stories out there.

1) Creating Quality Content

If you want people to share your posts, or just see them in their news feeds, then make sure your content is worth sharing. Don’t just post links—tag them with keywords and write a few sentences on why they’re interesting and relevant. And don’t forget that longer posts have a better chance of going viral than short ones—so if you have time to spare, go ahead and give ‘em a read! You should also keep track of what your audience likes by posting about topics that get the most shares, likes, and comments. Facebook Marketing Campaign was one of the most popular ever campaigns.

 Creating Quality Content

2) Posting Frequency

2-3 times per day is ideal, but try not to post more than 4 or 5 times a day. You don’t want your friends thinking you’re spamming them! What works best for you depends on what type of page and target audience you have. To find out what gets your followers excited, A/B tests different posting frequencies with a small portion of your followers until you get an idea of what’s most effective. With the right frequency, your posts will be seen by the most people possible and drive engagement.But beware: you should never abandon the people who follow you! Make sure that at least one post per week includes personal content. These posts are proven to increase engagement among fans who also have personal content as well as those who don’t.

3) Posting Times

Don’t try and post on your page at all hours of the day. Instead, research which times are best for posting and focus on posting during those times. Once you find out what time works best for you, stick with that time slot every day.

4) Use Ads (it’s free!)

As of February 2017, Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users. That’s a massive market! If you don’t take advantage of free ad opportunities, you’re missing out on potential customers. If you have no idea how to start using ads, here are 5 simple steps to get started with Facebook ads right now. To find a detailed guide on learning how to set up your first campaign and monitor its performance read. A few things to remember when creating a campaign:

  1. The first three words that pop into your head may not be the best option for the headline text of your advertisement. Keep it short and catchy.
  2. Use something related to what you’re selling or what you want people to learn about.
  3. You’ll want high-quality images that will engage viewers’ interest (or they might just skip past it).
  4. Create an eye-catching call-to-action button that entices people who see the ad.its a very powerful way to increase your traffic.
  5. Optimizing Your Posts

Use Ads (it's free!)

Once you’ve figured out what kind of information will resonate with your audience, and how often you want to post, it’s time to set some goals. One of the best ways for getting your posts in front of new eyes is by optimizing them for social media. BinShafiqDigital can help you find popular content that resonates with your target audience so that you can find a style or tone that suits your brand. If you post about an event, for example, try to find trending hashtags related to the event (e.g., #superbowl) and include them in your caption. Another good strategy is posting content at different times of day (morning/noon/night), as people are more likely to see it depending on when they log onto their account.

5. Facebook video post

Even more people engage with video posts than they do with photos. Video can be incredibly fascinating, whether it’s for a brief and simple statement or a longer, beautifully filmed vid with a narrative.

Posts its explainer videos right into your feed so users can soak up all the intel right there on Facebook, and easily comment, react or repost to your feeds.

I hope you find most of your answers. if you want more updates about these services. We are here for you to guide you with your best Facebook advertising strategy plan.



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